Guitar Neck:  This piece was created with basic shapes and the pen tool. I used several layers of texture and different blending modes to make the 'wood' and inlays on the guitar neck look more realistic. I used gradients on the frets to give it a 'metal' look and used layer styles to create shadows and highlights to give the piece depth. I also used patterns for the tiny detail on the strings.​​​​​​​
Guitar Neck
Horror Movie Poster: I took a picture of my hand and edited it in photoshop. I used the selection tool and masked the hand to extract it from the background. I used feathering and decontamination to make the mask more accurate and it give it a ‘clean’ look. I drew the torch in Illustrator and edited the rest of the composition in Photoshop. I used white text to first draw your eye to the title then directing up toward the hand then out toward the  creepy footprints in the background. 
Horror Movie Poster
Zombie Book Cover: The Young dead is a zombie book cover. I used a mask to extract my subject from the background then I used levels and and layers of texture to give it that grungy feel. I also created highlights to make the text and the character stand out from the background.
Zombie Book Cover
Buddy Adventure: Below is an adventure novel composition. I took a photo of 3 main characters then extracted the kids from the background using masks. I then used color/contrast and levels to make the photo brighter, and more prominent. I also used different lighting techniques, blending modes and the brush tool.
Buddy Adventure
Atrisco Auto Sales: This is a Logo I created for a local business. I used gradients to act as a 'sun' to draw your eye to the center of the composition, behind the mountains.
Atrisco Auto Sales
Adobe Blocks: This logo created with text and adding several layers of line shapes to connect the text. I then added rock texture and adjusted the blending modes. Then I added the drop shadows to create contrast between the logo and the background.
Adobe Blocks
Bio Mech: This is a bio-mechanical piece was hand drawn with graphite then colored in Photoshop using the paint bucket.
Bio Mech
Deceitful Logo: Below is a logo for the metal band 'Deceitful'. It was hand drawn then edited in Photoshop. I used  a lot texture and use of light and dark to create contrast. 
Deceitful Logo
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