Artist Statement: Below is a short video introducing myself and few of my favorite compositions. I used titles, scrolling credits, transitions, keyframes and multiple audio clips.
Pageant Submission: I created this  piece as a pageant submission and was edited entirely in Premiere Pro. I used panning and zoom to create movement. I also used transitions between stills and video to keep the piece interesting.
Guitar Neck: This Piece was drawn in Photoshop with basic shapes; rectangles, triangles, and straight lines. Then I added a lot of texture, blending modes and gradients to make the neck look more realistic. I then animated the layers with keyframes.
Guitar Demo: The video below was filmed for a ESP guitars demo for the LTD Arrow 401. I used multiple camera angles to keep the viewers interest. I also added the secondary video of the rhythm guitar in the upper left hand corner to fill the void of the second riff.
Karate Girls and the Cartoon Kingdom: This project was created to show my versatility as a digital media artist. I created all the photos and graphics and also recorded and edited all the audio and video in my studio.
Impaled Offering: I did this "teaser" video for the local band Impaled Offering. I used a vignette to create feeling of "darkness" also used lots of lighting, motion effects to create a distressed "chaotic" feeling.
3D Text: The video below was created in a 3d workspace. I used extruded the text then used lighting effects, different camera zooms and keyframes to animate the text.
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